the chill | rooftop session

Date & Time

268 days ago




We're back for a rooftop season finale. Recharge with an evening of self-healing practices on Lightning Society's chill-ass roof-top. We’ll blend restorative/yin yoga, live sound meditation, breathwork with essential oils, reiki, and hands-on therapeutic adjustments. Everyone gets healing touch, sounds, and scents.Led by Samantha Wilensky + Jackie Cantwell + Martin Navarrete.Come chill with us.•••Martin Navarrete: an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Reiki and Essential Oil practitioner. He teaches wellness to physicians at Cornell and Columbia, as well as to private clients in NYC and The Hamptons.Jackie Cantwell: a Meditation Teacher and musician who provides live sounds using Sound Bowls, Chimes, Shruti Box, and a Flute as a tool to deepen our meditation practice. She is the Director of Medi Club and is a sound practitioner for The Big Quiet.Samantha Wilensky: a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Reiki Master with a focus on the energetic body-mind connection through practices of stillness. Sam teaches at yoga studios, corporate offices and with private clients throughout NYC as well as on international retreats.

tags: yoga, breathwork, selfhealing