BDSM 101: Ritual, Intention and Practice with Mistress Blunt, Yin Q and Martine Phoenix

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This event is a Queer Femme and Non-binary Folx Led weekend around transformative BDSM play, processing, and self exploration. Our 101 practical brings many of our spiritual/healing workings to the event, but we prompt you to cultivate your individual play style. We start with the basics of communication, negotiation, intention setting, and identification of personal roles. Practical skills will include active and receptive experiences of various implements:   nipple clamps, cuffs and rope bondage, floggers, canes, spanking, mummification…and more!   

This is a 2-day workshop on October 13th and 14th. Purchasing your ticket for either day will get you access for the whole weekend. Participants are expected to attend both days

This event is open to everyone with an emphasis on the elevation of Queer, Femme, NonBinary, Sex Worker, Differently Abled Bodies, POC, and Marginalized Folx. People with specific concerns regarding trauma and BDSM healing work are welcome to contact us and let us know how we can best hold space for you. No experience in BDSM necessary. Novices welcome! Our intention is to foster a community that elevates transformative BDSM practices and integrates experience in a holistic capacity as well as give folx opportunity for deeper kinesthetic learning and and confidence to pursue play and create their own scenes.

Join us Sunday at 4:30PM for dinner around the corner--for further Q&A and decompression/processing/ guacamole aftercare.

25-30 students max Danielle Blunt , is a professional dominatrix, full-spectrum doula, and yoga instructor. She has been training and working at the intersection of healthcare and sexuality since age 18. She is the founder of Dasya Yoga and offers her practice as a modality for transformation and growth. Her BDSM work incorporates her yoga and doula training. She also works in public health and in the sexworker activism community. Her work has been featured on Psychology Today, Vice and Tits & Sass. Follow@MistressBlunt and@DasyaYoga .

Yin Q is a GenderQueer BDSM/Kink Shamanatrix, writer, and Sex Work Activist. Their work has been published in Apogee Journal, BUST, A WomensThing, Afro-Asia: Revolutionary Political and Cultural Connections between African Americans and Asian Americans, and Queer Magic. They are currently writing/producing Mercy Mistress , a dramatic series based on their career as a dominatrix.

Martine Phoenix has been a pro-Domina and lifestyle Mistress for 20 years. Elegant and intense, she enjoys the eroticism, power and control of BDSM and believes in its power to transform psyches wounded by society’s rigidity. She wants more people to benefit from the freedom and healing contained within the realm of kink. Follow@martine_phoenix

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