Dharma Punx NYC- Breathwork Circle

Date & Time

110 days ago


Greenwich Village


Using nothing but your breath, you can open up your perceptions, empty out assumptions and make contact with a deep state of peace and ease

Breathwork is an active style of meditation practice. Using a 3 part Pranayama Breathwork technique, we'll actively breath through held patterns of tension in the body, connecting deeply and directly with our felt experience of being alive so that we can shift and clear mental states that aren't serving us. Creating space for and connecting with the fullness of our human experience- the parts that we like and the parts that we don't- is part of living the full spectrum of life.

Breathwork practices allow us to temporarily bypass the ego and thinking mind, stepping out of the stories of the future and the past. This can help empty out the complexity of our lived experiences. When we're able to create the space to be with whatever is arising- we'll see that it also passes. This insight helps us learn to trust our embodied wisdom and allow this natural process to become part of our lives.

Contraindications: pregnancy, cardiovascular problems, significantly high blood pressure, major psychiatric conditions, recent surgery, acute infectious illness or epilepsy. Asthma is not generally considered a contraindication but the participants inhaler must be available.

DharmaPunx NYC Breathwork Circle

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