Tribe NYC: Men's Movement + Meditation

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108 days ago




“A warrior’s work is hard and bloody business, and many times the only way to achieve an end is to lay hold of a situation with determination. Today, men are afraid to take a stand. They offer only idle chatter and avoid difficult commitments. This is to their shame.” - Yamamoto Tsunetomo (17th Century) You intuit that a greater experience of life is possible, but find yourself continually stuck and distracted in meaningless work.  You can feel that this steady dose of unfulfilling tasks, social media, and television are killing your warrior spirit.  You know that committed practices—physical, mental, spiritual, and relational—are required to bridge the gap between the man you are today and the man you are destined to become. But you struggle to find the motivation and discipline to truly implement those practices. Since the first fire was sparked, men have been gathering in tribe to achieve together what they recognize they cannot achieve on their own.  Collectively pooling the discipline, challenges, and aspirations of its members, the tribe helps transform each man into the man he was meant to be.  Tribe was founded on this principle. Collectively practicing movement, stillness, competition, connection, and play, we conquer the habitual barriers that prevent us from living the lives of our dreams.  We invite you to join us.  This 2-hour event is capped at 12 men. It will consist of breathwork, movement, meditation, and partner practices designed to sharpen the blade of your presence, clarity and purpose. Members receive special rates for this and other events. Explore all the benefits Tribe has to offer here. YOUR GUIDE Mikaal Bates Mikaal Bates is a community leader committed to helping men remember who they are and how to live by the sword of their own truth through the conscious cultivation of mindfulness, discipline and compassion as a daily practice. His purpose is to usher conscious masculinity and sacred sexuality as a gift to the global tribe, emphasizing selfless service as a doorway to the realization of our highest purpose. His offerings bridge the gap between the primal and modern ways of life, utilizing the complimentary opposites of movement & stillness, compassion & strength, and structure & creativity as its foundation. Based in NYC, Mikaal is an actor, empowerment coach and curator of ecstatic experiences. PRAISE FROM MIKAAL'S CLIENTS “Honestly I could not have planned for what I discovered working with Mikaal. In developing my masculine energy and Presence, I have found it easier to stand firm when facing challenges in life. It's upgraded the degree of myself that I bring to work and play, enough that my colleagues and friends took notice.” – Andy Radzevicius “When I started a new company, working with Mikaal one on one was one of the best choices I made to support my success. Mikaal turns ordinary training into personal rituals for disciplined success and courage.” – Justin Lange “I love working with Mikaal. He is a wonderful human who always shows up with care and compassion, as well as a healthy dose of intensity. I wasn’t sure if creating a coaching container would be helpful for me, but it proved to be exactly what I needed. I continue to use the tips, tricks, and daily practices we developed together. What a human being - I hope you get the opportunity to work with this man.”  – Peter Adam Simon DETAILS This event will begin at 12:00PM sharp on Saturday at The Lightning Society Lofts. Late arrivals will not be permitted. The best way to get to the location is to take the L train to Morgan Avenue or the J or M train to Flushing Avenue. The practice will be held at 245 Varet St. Use the 3rd floor buzzer for access to the building. Come dressed for movement. *There may be a videographer present for this event. By registering for this event you are agreeing to have your image captured on film and used for promotional purposes.

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