Cacao Ceremony : Igniting The Heart & Magic From Within

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158 days ago




On this evening, we will be circling together to work with the heart space to both expand and activate the magic that we hold within. It starts with hearing our hearts, activating the imagination, and embodying our desires. Kelly will walk us through this potent manifestation process during ceremony. We will be working with sacred cacao, known as the Food of The Gods in the Mayan Culture, Rose, and Blue Lotus. During this ceremony, we will honor the Elements, experience a guided meditation, Reiki, community sharing, and intention setting as we approach the Full Moon and Equinox following shortly after. There will also be teachings on the Mayan Cosmovision which the energy of the day will be used to help manifest our magnetism and heart's desires. This will Be a powerful day to turn and look within for your connect with Mother Earth. This is a powerful day to turn within to connect with your heart, the heart of Mother Earth, and find the magic that is within you.  Open your heart, connect with yourself and community. This is the time to connect and create what we truly desire.   See you in circle  What you can expect: +Cacao Ceremony +Guided Meditation +Imagination Illumination +Reiki +Teaching of Mayan Culture & Cosmovision +Community Building   $35 Contribution Bio:Kelly Keefe is a reiki master, intuitive healer, and ceremony facilitator based in NYC. Studying in the US and India for energy work, and spending time in Guatemala with Maya elders for the medicine of Cacao and Ceremony - she lives passionately from her heart to spreading the power of living from a heart-centric space. You can visit her website by clicking the link below:

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