Bee Simple - A 6-Course Beer and Honey Dinner

$150 / Ticket

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368 days ago


Hell's Kitchen


A 6-course beer, honey and food pairing dinner (including a starter and dessert) highlighting seasonal ingredients through simple elevation. Bee Raw, Simple Brewing Co. and Kiele Turini have come together to share their stories and inspire guests with their combined passions for community and sustainable ingredients.

The menu will be a celebration of pure, natural, high-vibrational ingredients and exciting, unique flavors paired with a different Bee Raw single-floral sourced honey and inspired by the natural elements (earth, metal, water, wood, and fire). This triple threat dining experience will be interspersed with talks from each of the partners on their ambitions for societal and environmental change.

The dinner takes place on Fall Equinox and during National Honey Month - what better way to celebrate. You’ll walk away enriched, a little sweeter and if you’re not careful, a bit tipsy! A portion of ticket sales from the dinner will be donated to the Bee Raw Save the Bees Fund, which allocates donations to organizations focused on pollinator health.

Menu [subject to change]


Drink: Honey Manhattan Cocktail

Food: Focaccia bread, pickled red onion and apple, hot honey drizzle

Varietal: New York Basswood


Beer: Honey Helles Lager

Food: Braised honey beets, smoked pumpkin seeds, red lentil mash

Varietal: Florida Orange Blossom


Beer: Honey Berlinerweiss

Food: Radicchio and frisee salad, tarragon, parsley, toasted pine nuts, shaved parm, honey vinaigrette

Varietal: North Carolina Sourwood


Beer: Honey Pale ale

Food: Roasted root vegetable and squash: sweet potato, yam, pumpkin, carrots, turnips, honey hummus

Varietal: Maine Blueberry


Beer: Honey Dunkel Weiss

Food: BBQ Korean-style pork belly, black sesame honey jus, wild rice

Varietal: Washington Buckwheat


Beer/Food: Beer ice cream, honey drizzle, matcha dusted edible flower

Varietal: Industry City Rooftop

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