Moon Magic & Reiki Healing

Date & Time

236 days ago




Join us as we celebrate the Full Moon in Taurus with spiritual guide Nicole Rutsch - the healing chef, herbalist and reiki master.  Under the light of the Full Moon, we have access to both our conscious and subconscious mind, bringing our true desires into this world. This Full Moon, we have the opportunity to shed light on our life’s purpose and open or close doors. Together in sacred ceremony we will release what is no longer serving us.  After our moon ritual ceremony we will journey into a 30 minutes guided Reiki mediation to cleanse and recharge our energy centers. Nicole will send you home feeling reenergized and give you a full moon ritual kit.  The event will be hosted by Higher Wave  and NAO Wellness.  NAO Wellness will give out Infrared Sauna Discounts to keep warm duing those cold winter days.  love + light Nicole

tags: mindfulness, reiki, healing, energy