Kundalini Breathwork

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177 days ago




Kundalini Breathwork is an ancient sacred meditation technique. We will use the breath to connect ourselves to a higher consciousness.

Kundalini Breathwork We will use the power of the fullmoon to open ourselves up to a experience of truth within.

Kundalini Breathwork is an ancient sacred meditation practise. It is designed to release energetic blockages, allow your energy to flow freely and opens up the connection to a higher consciousness. The currency of our energy is consciousness. Allow the breath to open your heart deeply and remember your truth.

When: December 12th 6:30 - 8:30pm

Where: 122 Waterbury St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

(Bring a Yoga mat and water. Wear white comfortable clothing. Allow your stomach to be easy. Do not eat to heavy 1-2 hours before.)

We will work with the power of a group and the energies that form within a group. Please be on time, so we can start together.


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