Curious Fox Presents: Communication Skills for Conscious Relationships w/ Clara Moisello

Date & Time

47 days ago


Get NINJA Level Communication Skills for thriving relationships of all designs!

Nonviolent Communication has evolved over decades to provide a unique set of skills and practices aimed at increasing the quality of connection that we experience in any relationship, including the one with ourselves, and is currently being used all over the world to bring peace and connection to personal, professional and international relationships.

While communication skills are certainly a pillar of any successful relationship, this is even more crucial when navigating the uncharted territory of consensual nonmonogamy and relationships by design.

In this workshop, Clara will introduce the core principles and skills of NVC, with a particular focus on how such skills can support us in transforming conflict and communicating compassionately and effectively in our intimate relationships. One of our earliest Foxes, Clara will thread her experience in NVC alongside with her personal exploration of ethical nonmonogamy.

She'll cover:

-- How we can navigate conflict without losing connection;

-- How we can express what is important to us without blame or accusation;

-- How the awareness of our common human needs can be a doorway to empathy and connection;

-- How to notice the habitual patterns of language and thought that get in the way of connection, and how to transform them.

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tags: mindfulness, communication, relationships, nvc