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Allow Dawn and Roger guide you into your own private journey inward.

The magical healing vibrations of the Himalayan singing bowls can calm you on a cellular level, massaging you from the inside out; while the drums provide a hypnotic rhythmic energy. Dawn and Roger play in the moment, inspired by the energy in the room that allows for a unique experience each time you arrive. They share their array of instrumental vibrations that sweep across the room, sometimes from many directions.

You can also opt for individual experiences that send rhythmic vibrations through you and around you, allowing to reset the flow of your personal energy.

Surrender to the sound bath. Surrender to the experience that adjust your vibrations to calm and heal you.

Schedule: 7:20 Doors open 7:45 Doors close, attendees disrobe 7:50 Sage the room, pass around essential oils to enhance the experience 8:00 Sound bath begins softly followed by rising / ebbing crescendos throughout. This is spontaneous but involves Dawn and Roger playing up front, then taking turns walking through the meditating audience with individual sounds from the various mobile instruments while the other provides background accompaniment. We're often adding new instruments but often feature singing bowls, drums, and Rav drum, which we play uniquely. Each experience a new composition. 9:00 Sound bath ends, silence to let the vibrations settle, optional opportunity to share experience with the group. 9:15 Socializing 9:30 Event ends, attendees depart.

Location: Dawn Studio, 38 W 32nd, New York, NY 10001 (Entry Instructions given in ticket confirmation email)

Meet Dawn: Dawn’s Himalayan singing bowls will ease you into a new level of calm and healing. She brings her unique musicality to the tradition of sound healing through singing bowls. She has also found how hand drums can enhance the singing bowl experience and offers sound baths with her friend Roger, a professional drummer. Their musical connection and the beauty of the exponential benefits of both types of vibrations and allows for a unique experience for all.

An accomplished singer having performed in Europe and now entertaining locally, Dawn now lets her intuition be her conductor.

She is an experienced 200 hr RYT and sound healer using Himalayan singing bowls. Whether she is leading a naked meditation or Vinyasa yoga class in a studio or in nature, she leads her with her heart. She is also trauma aware and certified in chair yoga through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in NYC. Her goal is to bring healing through yoga and vibrations to all willing to surrender. Having battled anxiety and body image issues the earlier part of her life she has found a path to help you find your true dharma (purpose). Trust yourself and you’ll find the answers.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it’s the journey forward that matters.


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