IG Live Sound Bath with Sara Auster

Date & Time

116 days ago


A Sound Bath is also a way to access a moment of peace and rest, an opportunity to gather in community, a space for healing. If you can relate to sound in a way that is spacious, open, receptive, curious – and you practice that through listening to sounds in a particularly focused way – it changes how you relate to everything and everyone. This deep listening helps us share and build connections rooted in empathy and openness, something the world needs more of right now.

IG Live: @SarahAuster

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your virtual sound bath:

Invite a friend or family member to join in community (IRL or virtually).

Turn off notifications and alerts.

Dim the lights. You can light a candle if you like.

Be comfortable. Sit or lie down – whatever works for you.

Adjust your body as needed, but try to choose a position in which you can be still for the duration of the experience.

Close your eyes (or cover them with an eye mask or scarf) – you do not need to watch the screen.

A sound bath experience has a beginning, middle and end. If you are able, please stay for the whole time.

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