ALL SENSES DELIGHT: A Pleasure Puja Playshop

Date & Time

244 days ago




This is a fun, playful interpretation of a classical Tantric Puja to engage and enliven the senses. We are blessed with Earthly Treasures to give and receive Divine Pleasure. Engaging our senses brings us into present moment awareness. When the busy mind is quieted, we can expand the subtle, blissful capacities our sensory organs are designed to experience - and from this sublime state, we embody samadhi. Live heavenly music soundscape played on handpan by the extraordinary Miguel Santamaria. Check out his divine transmissions here. YES! No partner required, all participants explore both giving and receiving an array of delicacies for each of the senses in a safe environment, fully clothed. Experience the distinct pleasures in each role, Delightor and Delighted, and the glorious feedback loop where the enjoyment of both merge. Leave with creative inspiration, feeling deeply connected and re-sensitized in your miraculous Body of Bliss. Ahhhhhh… Facilitated by Heart-On founder Rachel Santos 10% of proceeds from this workshop will be donated to Music on the Inside, providing music and mentorship to NYC youth in incarceration. #yourjoyequalsmorejoy

tags: mindfulness, music, tantra, sexual