Embodying Vibration- Access Shakti through Sound & Tantric Yoga Techniques

Date & Time

107 days ago


Kips Bay


Embodying Vibration- Accessing Shakti through Sound and Tantric Yoga techniques Mixing tantra techniques (orgasmic yoga, breathwork, meditation), pristine quality CBD and sound (singing bowls, toning, instruments and voice) we will dial into your pleasure and your bodies unique vibration. We will tone our voices, feeling the sound from your root to your eye brow, then back down to your toes. Ride the waves of pleasure in this beautiful tantric mix of energy and sound healing. It's an incredible experience harnessing our Shakti energy and finding our pleasure while healing our bodies. Results from this series can include instant pain healing, full body orgasms, healing in relationships and of childhood traumas.

tags: meditation, yoga, tantra, uplift, cbd