Lunar Business Cycles: Synch with Nature to Empower your Productivity & Intuition [ONLINE]

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330 days ago


In this workshop we will get Diana (Goddess of the Moon) and Auntie Flo (your Menstrual Cycle) on a conference call for a Strategic Planning session to synchronize and thrive - in our business, in our personal lives, in 2019 and beyond.

You do not need to attend live! Registrants will receive a recording of the session and a beautiful, Lunar Business Cycles Reference Guidebook full with principles, practices, tools, and guidance on incorporating the material into your personal and professional life

Try as we might to control Nature, She ultimately has a powerful seat on our Executive Board. We can learn to work with the energetic data, intelligent rhythms, and supreme cycles lunar and menstrual flows offer us. We can learn to coordinate these points of information to effectively manage our own biological rhythms, feel more balanced emotionally throughout our cycles, and maximize timing for creating and birthing our personal projects and business offerings.

In this 2 hour online workshop you will learn:

1 - What the Lunar Cycle is, its Phases, how it affects our body / mind / soul, and how to work with this energy

2 - What the phases of your Menstrual Cycle mean for your energy, and how to best plan what to do and when

3 - What days of the Week are best to align with your planning / executing / creating of new goals and desires (useful for your own business / work life and taking to the office for leaders of teams and staff)

4 - What self-care practices are beneficial to use at different phases, AND you will learn and experience a meditation practice that harmonizes the female body with the lunar cycles

5 - How to integrate these cycles into your Work & Personal Life to manage your own energy cycles, empower your creativity and intuition, and effectively invest your energy

A beautiful Lunar Business Cycles Workbook accompanies the workshop and includes helpful reference charts, information, practices, guidance, and worksheets to integrate these teachings into your personal and professional life.

Working with these rhythms is a potent personal practice and secret weapon business capability that can benefit all areas of your life. It is a foundation to reawaken your own sense of power and agency as a woman by reframing the menstrual cycle from a burden to a source of power and regeneration.

The World needs you resourced, rested, nourished, and empowered to take action from your best self to do all the beautiful work you are here to do in this lifetime. And, it doesn't have to be so hard, so exhausting! We are here to enjoy our lives and our work, with ease and grace. Let's learn what our natural rhythms are, and use them to our best advantage!

*Note: This workshop welcomes all genders and gender identities, as well as pregnant and Post-menopausal women. A portion of the content will specifically focus on the biological aspects of physically experiencing a menstrual cycle.

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