Curious Fox Presents: Attachment Patterning and Sexual Expression w/ Angie Gunn

Date & Time

4 days ago


Many have heard of the concept of attachment, and its impact on our sense of self, belonging, and partnership. Join us as we take this conversation to the next level.

Your attachment neurobiology plays a vital role in sexuality and the assessment of what is safe, the potential edges of exploration, and the possible relational structures. Licensed therapist Angie Gunn will introduce the impact of attachment neurobiology on expansive sexual and romantic expressions during this workshop. We will unpack the various attachment styles and ways they show up in sexuality, specifically those exploring more expansive relationship and sexual styles. All identities and expressions are welcome to join this interactive conversation.

WHEN? Wednesday, May 27, 2020

WHAT TIME? Log in at 7:15pm, Workshop 7:30-9:00pm, Questions 9:00-9:30pm [EST].

WHERE? Virtual Curiosity Salon (Log In details will be sent the day of the event.) Please be advised cameras must be on in the Virtual Curiosity Salon, think of it as just another step to feel connected.

tags: mindfulness, lgbtq, personalgrowth, sexuality, relationships