Sip & Share: A Panel On Mental Health and Communities of Color

Date & Time

17 hours ago


Join New Women Space as we host our first ever Sip & Share. The topic: Mental Health & Communities of Color. Grab a Mimosa, Bellini, or glass of wine and let's chat!

How does culture and mental health intersect? Let's dive into a juicy conversation about the messaging communities of color often receive regarding mental health. How difficult is it to admit to needing some mental self-care? To tell someone in our family? To choose to receive help, rather than gritting our teeth and bearing through it? How easily are our mental health needs acknowledged and seen as compared to our white counterparts?

Meet the Panel:

Luz Emma Cañas Madrigal is a warrior, a healer and a storyteller. She graduated with highest honors from the Chicano Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has led workshops on healing the mind-body interface at Columbia University, Harlem Hospital, and American Airlines and has worked with a wide variety of clientele ranging from pre-verbal children to recording artists. Luz is the founder of Capoeira Muçurumim. The first Capoeira group to be founded, and directed, by a woman in the United States.

Kailyn Lynch is the founder of Redefining Our Womanhood, a wellness service providing holistic and experiential mental health care dedicated to ensuring all marginalized people their human right to receive the optimal mental health care they deserve. Services include mental health consultations, live events, workshops and access to a holistic care directory that entails a listing of licensed psychologists, healers and health-promoting businesses offering exclusive discounts on their services and products.

Tanya Erazo is an expert in oppression (and oppressed groups), intersectional discrimination, public health disparities, LGBTQ mental health, and various populations of color. Tanya has worked in myriad spaces with different populations of color, working to destigmatize mental health and was recently honored by the American Psychological Association and invited to speak regarding her clinical and research work for women of color.

Hatty J. Lee is a marriage and family therapist for 10 years in a private practice based in Los Angeles, California. She primarily meets with adults, couples, creatives, people of color, entrepreneurs, and mothers who are wanting to deepen connection with themselves and the most important people within their lives. She is passionate about mental health as she writes and speaks about topics that deeply resonate with her.

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