For Black, Indigenous & People of Color, our ancestors have always understood themselves as Empaths, Healers & energetic beings. They utilized ritual, meditation, visualization, intention setting (a.k.a. praying), plant allies and literally any tools at their disposal to defend & re-energize against white supremacy & colonization. As modern day descendants of experts at survival, Black, Indigenous & People of Color are gifted Empaths, Healers, Telepaths, Seers, Psychics etc. Learning how to manage your skills benefits your physical health & emotional health through validation that what you're experiencing is 'real' and learning how to communicate using your energetic body, in addition to your physical body.  Empath Skills for BIPoC is a workshop where participants will learn about: Energy & Common Traits of Empaths What exactly is an Aura/Energetic Field How Energy Gets Stuck in your Aura How to Cleanse your own Aura How to Maintain Energetic Boundaries Come thru for the after party! Get there after the workshop for free cookies, good vibez, POC tarot card readers & vendors. Adult beverages available for sale all night, proceeds benefiting the space. All genders are welcome & no one turned away for lack of funds! If $$$ is a barrier from attending the workshop, please email for info on bartering your ticket. This event is exclusively for Black, Indigenous & People of Color. This workshop is led by Mikaela Xochitl (pronounced mee-KY-el-ah soh-CHEE-thol), a Community Healer, Shamxn and Activist whose gender is an amalgamation of Two Spirit, Radical Queer and Xicanx Lesbian cultura. Mikaela is a descendant of mesoamerican Shamanic healing traditions with roots stretching from the East to West coast and through Teotihuacan. They are the Founder and lead Shamxn at Ihiyotl, where they specialize in energetic healing & trauma recovery for the Trans & Queer POC community and survivors of sexual violence. Heal with them at

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Empath Skills for Black, Indigenous & People of Color

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124 days ago