Curious Fox Presents: From Pillow Talk to Sexting: Finding your words in kink, sex, and relationships w/ Stella Harris

Date & Time

39 days ago


Knowing what you want isn’t as easy as it sounds. Asking for it can be even trickier.

That kind of honesty puts us in a vulnerable place, where we can fear being shamed for our desires. From messages implying that wanting sex or pleasure is slutty (and that that’s a bad thing) to sex tips that make it sound like we’re supposed to be able to read our partners minds. All of this sets us up for failure, and for those reasons and more, many people never take the chance to open a dialog with their partner(s). But being able to talk about your wants and needs is the only way to get them met.

In the time of social/physical distancing, communication is trickier than ever - and also more important than ever. Join us as certified intimacy educator and sex coach Stella Harris discusses ways to navigate conversations with people you’re at home with as well as ways to stay connected to people you may not be able to see for a while. We’ll cover everything from boundary setting to long distance sex games, sexting, and dirty talk.

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