Pregame Your Brain: Civil Rights Speed Dating w/ NYCLU

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222 days ago


Lower East Side


Science fairs for adults – how Caveat does happy hour. NYCLU works hard to defend civil liberties and civil rights for New Yorkers, and at this edition of Pregame Your Brain, they will also work to get you learning (while you get tipsy) all about into your rights.

Each amazing host wants to get down about a Right You Should Know – immigration, public education and segregation, voting rights, due process, reproductive rights, the list goes on. Be a good civil servant; come pregame with us.

6pm-8pm (drop in anytime!) Tickets: FREE with advanced RSVP, or $5 at the door 21+

STATIONS Get Schooled on Segregation: Think segregation is a thing of the south or a thing of the past? Think again. Learn the truth about New York’s segregated school system. Presenter: Toni Smith-Thompson is an organizer in the Advocacy Department where she focuses on campaigns to strengthen public education.

Don’t Bail On Me Now: In too many cases, people who are arrested in New York are faced with two options: pay up or stay in jail. Learn why this is a problem, who it impacts, and what we can do about it. Presenter: Nicole Triplett is a policy counsel in the Advocacy Department, working primarily on human rights and criminal justice issues.

The Battle for Democracy: Not-so-fun fact – New York has some of the most restrictive voting laws in the entire country. In fact, North Carolina and Ohio say it’s easier to vote in their states than it is in New York. Learn how you can fight voter suppression right here at home. Presenter: Perry Grossman is the Voting Rights Project Attorney at the New York Civil Liberties Union, where he focuses on litigation and advocacy efforts concerning voting rights and election law issues.

You Talk, We Listen: Last year, NYCLU launched Listening NYC, a campaign created to inspire conversations about policing practices among New Yorkers of all viewpoints, and to drive action for the policing New Yorkers want. How do we make policing in our city fairer and safer for every community? Join the conversation, listen and act. Presenter: TBD We ALL Have Rights: What do you do if you are stopped by a police officer in the street? What do you do if ICE comes to your door to search your home? We ALL have rights. Yes, even immigrants. Learn what your rights are and how to exercise them when facing law enforcement. Presenter: TBD

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