A Breathwork Journey with Rob Starbuck (NYC)

Date & Time

145 days ago


Civic Center


A one of a kind experience where you'll use your own breath to remove stress and connect to your limitless self.

Class start time will be 630pm and go for an hour.

This Breathwork journey with Rob is a blend of transformative breathing techniques guided in conjunction with evocative music that takes you on a beautiful journey into you. By hyper-oxygenating your body through the breath, you’ll experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness and gain access to transcendent dimensions within yourself. Breathwork effectively eliminates stress and removes the mental, emotional and physical blockages preventing you from connecting with your limitless potential. This is a powerful breath that can immediately shift you into a state of well-being and ecstasy while providing insight, clarity and creativity, not available in the ordinary waking plane.

After 30 minutes of Breathwork, you'll be guided in an imagination of your past, present and future designed so that you are seeing, feeling and attracting what you want in your life after this unique experience is finished. Through this journey you’ll be fully supported, giving you the freedom and safety to let go of anything holding you back from living your highest expression and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

Common Breathwork Benefits

Dissolution of fears and stress Elevating consciousness Increased creativity, intuition and problem solving Removal of old subconscious programming Clarity on self Releasing of emotional trauma and energetic blockages Heightened awareness Bliss What to Bring

Yoga mat Blanket An open mind ** Breathwork is not recommended for anyone with a history of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, seizures, aneurysms or during pregnancy.

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