Bloom From Within : Cacao Ceremony

Date & Time

372 days ago




When we live with an open heart, we are able to align with the highest of our truths creating more understanding to all that is. Join us in circle to open your heart, connect to your highest self, commune with community, and raise your frequency to love.   Cacao is known as the sacred medicine of the heart helping us to expand and connect with the highest frequency there is, unconditional love. Kelly will be guiding us through a teaching of vibrational medicine helping us raise and maintain our frequency and then helping elevate to new heights. Cacao helps us get in touch with our truth helping us with our self-expression, connection, creativity, compassion, and so much more.    Guided meditation, Reiki, and community sharing will also be provided cultivating the buzz of love and support. These high vibrations assisting us to bloom from the inside and carry throughout our lives.   What you can expect: +Cacao Ceremony +Teaching on Vibrational Medicine & Alignment +Guided Meditation +Reiki +Community Sharing Contribution: 35$ Bio: Kelly Keefe is a reiki master, intuitive healer, and ceremony facilitator based in NYC. Studying in the US and India for energy work, and spending time in Guatemala with Maya elders for the medicine of Cacao and Ceremony - she lives passionately from her heart to spreading the power of living from a heart-centric space. You can visit her website by clicking the link below: @Animamundiherbals

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