Authentic Relating & Circling Weekend ONLINE- An experiential exploration of human connection

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Are you ready for some human contact that’s sincere, touching, fun, and enlivening? Would you like to deepen your connection with yourself and others? Is there a longing in you to be seen, witnessed and validated in your experience? Do you find it challenging to stay connected to yourself and what you want, while connecting to others? Are there relational patterns that keep you stuck in scenarios that feel painfully familiar? Are you drawn to the magic of the relational field? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this two-day online journey is the perfect place for you to be!

Enrique and Kathryn have been leading together for over 5 years, facilitating human connection workshops, using tools from the practices of Authentic Relating and Circling.

-= CIRCLING =- Circling, also referred to as interpersonal mindfulness, is a relational practice where we are invited to put our awareness and attention on what is happening in the here and now, within and between us, honouring what emerges without an agenda or judgement. As we slow down and deepen our connection with ourselves, we start to explore what happens, internally and externally, when we come into connection with what is happening.

Through gentle awareness exercises, you will be invited to attune to your embodied experience, including feelings, sensations and thoughts, and to explore and express what you notice within you in a relational space.

Circling is not a form of therapy, neither is it a spiritual practice - but it can be both, as many find it provides personal growth, healing, empowerment and transformational insights. As you practice, you are likely to notice your connections with important people in your life deepening, as you learn to express yourself authentically, while cultivating trust, empathy, compassion, healthy boundaries and a sense of your inner authority.

The Circling practice is underpinned by the following five principles, developed by Circling Europe, which we will explore in depth during the weekend:

1-Commitment to connection. 2-Owning your experience. 3-Trusting experience. 4-Staying with the level of sensation. 5-Being with the other in their world.

-= AUTHENTIC RELATING =- Authentic Relating is a set of tools and embodiment practices for daily life. They can be successfully applied immediately in your personal and professional life.

Authentic Relating has 5 core practices:

  1. Welcome everything
  2. Assume nothing
  3. Reveal your experience
  4. Own your experience
  5. Honor self & honor other

-= EMBODIED TRAINING EXPERIENCE =- We offer embodied training. Our way of training creates experiential learning where you can get it and be able to put it in practice immediately. It’s quite natural and can flow with a certain level of ease. There will also be space to be in connection with your body and welcome movement as well.

-= LOCATION =- This will be an online event on Zoom. Details to be sent on booking.

Please download the Zoom client and create an account before the start of the session. You can download Zoom for free at:

-= IMPRESSION OF TIME SCHEDULE =- This is an impression of the time schedule. Depending on where the group is at:

9:45 BST / 10:45 CEST Arrival and welcome 10:00 BST / 11:00 CEST Start workshop 12:30 BST / 13:30 CEST Lunch break 14:00 BST / 15:00 CEST Resume workshop 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST Finish We will take 5-10 minute breaks between practices, and you are always free to take a break for yourself.


  • A device with Zoom* (Laptop or desktop with large screen is recommended)
  • Anything you would like to sit, stand or move comfortably during the event.
  • Notebook and pen (optional)
  • Snacks & drinks for yourself

*You can download Zoom for free at:

-= INVESTMENT =- The investment for the online weekend is only £129.

For the first early registrations, we have a special price: 4 Early Bird tickets at £99

Max number of participants is 14.

-= MORE INFO =- This weekend will be a learning laboratory where you will learn, practice and deepen connection skills. Which will raise your Emotional Intelligence.

You don't need to have any experience with authentic relating or Circling to join this workshop - just a willingness to explore human experience and connection from presence. The weekend will be facilitated in English. You are welcome to also speak from other languages. The structure of the day may vary based on the particular group, as we are tailoring the event for you. We’re likely to do some guided embodiment meditations, pair and triads exercises, as well as larger circles. All exercises are optional and you are strongly invited to look after yourself, respecting your own needs and boundaries.

It is an experiential practice, and therefore any attempts to put it into words risk falling short. We are happy to answer any questions by messenger, email or Skype. Please feel free to contact us on and

-= FREE TASTER SESSION =- Fri 24 July at 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST we will host a free Authentic Relating & Circling session open to people who haven't experienced our work yet. A great opportunity to get a taste of this work and of the facilitators.

If you can’t join the taster above and would like to have a free taster session, please let us know by the messenger (see ‘Message Host’ link at top of this event) or email: and

-= YOUR FACILITATORS = Enrique Fernández and Kathryn Piper

Enrique is the co-founder of Circling Evolution, he leads different types of events based around human connection and also practices as an Integral coach.

Enrique Fernandez is a facilitator who works from the heart: ‘I love people and I’m genuinely curious about them.’ He started to Circle in 2014 and was hooked by the transformation that happened to people in front of his eyes, and by the togetherness that the practice brought to the group. In 2015 he completed his Circling training and later that year he co-founded Circling Evolution, he has been running regular circling events in the UK ever since. He works at the online platform CircleAnywhere as a facilitator since 2018.

His passions are to organise and grow authentic communities and co-create with other leaders, and to use circling as a tool for conflict resolution and creating fertile environment for growth and connection. He has a busy family life in the beautiful English countryside where he lives with his wife, three children, and a dog.

What Enrique loves about human connection practices: ‘both leading and practising is stretching my abilities and putting my patterns and blocks under the microscope’. He sees the practice as a catalyst for human evolution and as an accelerator of human connections and personal transformation. If you really knew him you’d know that he is very playful in one on one connections, and he can become quite shy in big groups.

Kathryn is the founder of Starling Murmuration, facilitating presence-based connection. She co-creates workshops with leaders throughout Europe. She is a seasoned Circling leader with six years immersed in the practice of Circling and Surrendered Leadership. She is frequently on the team for Circling Europe’s weekends and SAS training, as well as for Circling Nights in Amsterdam. She has been facilitating Circling online on CircleAnywhere since 2016.

Kathryn is a beautifully intuitive human who loves to be with others in the aliveness of the connection. She has a great balance of being warm and kind yet direct, she brings both compassion and truth to the space. Kathryn desires and therefore fosters deep connection with others, especially from a soul level. She walks the walk and lives her life in surrender, leading effortlessly by example.

One of her many superpowers is remaining calm in the eye of the storm and anchoring the group with her presence. In that respect, it’s unlikely to see her rushed or frantic, whatever else is happening in the space, you can trust Kathryn to stay grounded and present and meet what’s there.


“I experienced the leadership of Kathryn and Enrique at a wonderful retreat they organized in the UK last year. I feel joy and excitement about the possibility of experiencing them leading together again. I deeply trust the love, care and wisdom of their leadership, and their ability to hold a safe and nourishing space.” – Dagny Hov

“Enrique and Kathryn hold a space of radical openness with care. I discovered being myself in new ways and they model vulnerability in leadership that I don’t see everyday.” – Jonathan Lewis

“I still don’t know what the hell that was… (referring to Enrique & Kathryn’s Summer Retreat in the UK) but it was the best workshop I’ve ever been to. I got the most out of it than any other thing I’ve ever been to – and it’s still moving me a year later.” – Stephen

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