LOVE & JUSTICE: Libra New Moon & Venus Retrograde Astrology + Yoga Nidra - ONLINE

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Personal Development is a Radical Act of Love and Justice.

Our individual healing work supports the transformation of the collective. When we are willing to take inventory of all the ways we choose to judge, withhold love, and to place conditions on our own selves, and in relationship with others, we begin to stand witness to our own self-created suffering and pain.

We can choose to create a new right relationship to our inner world; we can stop kicking our own asses in our heads, taking out our pain on how we relate to our bodies and emotions, and relax into receiving and sharing the wisdom of our hearts, the compassion that fuels true peace and harmony.

When we choose to right the scales of how we love ourselves, we create an energy of grounded self-leadership that allows us to stand fully in our power, in our truth. We become emblematic, victorious in our own “be”-ing, able to fully “do” in the world from a place of righteous selfhood.

Libra represents the beauty inherent when we stand in our own honor, in harmony with our embodied energies of masculine and feminine, doing and being. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, currently in retrograde, who is inviting us to come into right relationship with our selves - our love, our worth, our sense of our own value and power. She is retrograde so we may examine how we have internalized the very systems of abuse of power that we contend with outwardly.

Both Libra and Venus are inviting us to see how we chose to live our lives individually reflects our contributions - consciously or unconsciously - to the energy of the times. If we want to work for justice, for peace, for harmony in our world, we can begin at home. This is the path to true freedom, as we are all leaders called to shift the global pattern towards heart-centered awakening, healing, and harmony for all, as All.

This is an online class that shares information on astrological and related energies to support your growth and conscious awareness, and to set intentions during this powerful New Moon in Libra & Venus Retrograde period.

A channeled, heart chakra-aligned Yoga Nidra practice is offered to deeply relax & restore the body, and clear & transform belief patterns stored in our subconscious and unconscious mind.

A recording of the Yoga Nidra practice will be provided to attendees, along with journaling prompts to deepen your New Moon intentions.

Offered for wherever you are in your journey.

In Love & Honor, Kathryn Cornelius Teacher & Founder of Whole Human Consulting


HOW DO I JOIN? You can join using your computer or phone. Details provided upon registration.

WHAT DO I NEED? Be sure you're in a quiet place where you can comfortably lie down for the Yoga Nidra practice. A blanket to cover yourself, and a pillow, as well as an eye mask if you have one, are recommended. Also, have your journal and a pen on-hand for the writing prompts. Try to keep the kids, pets, and partners at bay if you can - this is your time for self-care and renewal!

WHAT IS YOGA NIDRA? Yoga Nidra is a voice-guided meditation performed lying down in bed or on a yoga mat. It includes includes a body focusing exercise that creates a circuit of energy in the motor cortext to relax the brain, some breath and sound awareness practices, and some visualization activities. It is derived from an ancient Tantra yoga practice and is a simple and efficient way to deeply relax while remaining conscious to reduce anxiety, stress, and insomnia. During the practice, we sink into the parasympathetic nervous system and enter the hypnogogic state, the state between being awake and being asleep.

Just a 15-20min practice provides the benefits of 4 hours of sleep.

SOME OTHER BENEFITS OF YOGA NIDRA: Improve focus, clarity, creativity, and productivity Deeply relax to reduce physical, psychological, and emotional tension "Weed the garden" by release stored memories and past grievances from your subconscious and unconscious mind Recover from injury, surgery, jet lag, or too many late nights

MORE QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact your teacher and guide, Kathryn Cornelius

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