Mycelial Digestion Workshop

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307 days ago


Governors Island


This workshop will be followed by Intelligent Fungi Series opening gathering starting at 4pm. Join us!

Mycelial Digestion workshops are one-off collaborative and playful research and writing workshops inspired by fungal digestion.

Humans and fungi are more similar than one might think, and one commonality we share is enzymatic digestion. But while humans digest internally, fungi secrete enzymes into their surrounding environment, breaking things down and making nutrients available for themselves and myriad beings simultaneously. As Anna Tsing puts it, “fungal eating is often generous: It makes worlds for others.” How might we look to mycelium as a model for learning and making as a chance community, digesting for ourselves and for one another?

This workshop will activate Intelligent Fungi mycolibrary, which gathers many books on fungi. We'll read and learn alongside one another, "digest" for each other, and gather our individual reflections into a collective zine, producing a collage of corresponsive perspectives that will live on at the library throughout the residency period.

This is one of a series of Mycelial Digestion workshops that Chloe Zimmerman will co-host with various institutions, organizations and fungally-inclined humans around the city.

Please note: Note: For this workshop to flow and to build collaborative community, participants should be present for the full workshop (not a drop-in scenario)

About the Facilitator

Chloe Zimmerman is an artist, writer and educator based in Brooklyn. She is the founder and facilitator of the Mycological Research Playgroup, a collaborative research and production group for artists and environmentalists to learn about and with fungi.

This event is part of Intelligent Fungi, an exhibit, research and workshop series brought to you by Curiouseed to celebrate the fungal wisdoms and learn from fungi, our greatest teachers, to build, nourish, and heal. Learn more about the series.

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Nolan Park, House #15, The Swale House, Governors Island
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Sept 8 | Fruiting Bodies: Creative Experiments in Fungal Inoculation & Mycoremediation (Christopher Kennedy, Chloe Zimmerman, Lucia Monge, workshop)
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Oct 6 | Mushroom Walk (New York Mycological Society, outdoor)
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The Intelligent Fungi Series is a public program completely run by volunteers and fueled by community donations. You can help us keep the program running by volunteering with us or making a donation (via Kinvite) today!

A big THANK YOU to the Swale House for hosting our program on Governors Island.

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