Let's talk, Period.

$10 - $15 / Ticket

Date & Time

155 days ago


Financial District


You're not the only one who has trouble with your period. Many, many, many women struggle with their menstrual cycle in some way.

Join this supportive environment designed for women to come together and tell their personal period stories. Long gone are the days where you wonder if your uncontrollable PMS, terribly heavy flow, and non-existent periods are just "how it has to be".

Open up, we want to hear about your experience.


After regulating my own 15-year-long period problems in an unconventional way, I haven't been able to stop sharing about it (it's really a miracle!). In doing so, I discovered that people really never talk about their periods (I definitely didn't until I regulated mine 2 years ago!). By default, I became the listener for the stories no one else wanted to hear, and other women rarely shared. Come to find out that this is a topic I really enjoy discussing and discovering solutions for!

"Periods, though! How taboo!"

I think it's about time to change the stigma around this "taboo" topic and bring period health to the forefront!

I'm bringing experts in women’s health to share different ways to regulate and heal our menstrual cycles (and learn why that’s so important to regulate your period in the first place).

It’ll be a night of sharing, learning, and empowerment all centered around the monthly events that bonds us all. Walk away empowered and enabled to find the route to wellness that works for you.

Things to note:

  1. Yes, you can come if you have a healthy cycle. This night is about sharing and learning. It's likely that someone in your life is bound to make use of what you learn at this meetup. Plus, you just might be surprised by what you hear anyway!

  2. Proceeds from this event will be donated to Period.org, a worthy non-for profit which celebrates periods, moves menstrual policy forward through advocacy, empowers college students to get involved, and provides products to those in need.

  3. What's said in the space, stays in the space. There will not be a photographer at this event. This is a personal subject.

  4. Light snacks will be served.

  5. All menstruators are welcome (this means women, cisgender, transgender, etc.). Please don’t come if you are a man who has not/will not menstruate. I’ll be creating a co-ed meetup for those interested too. Feel free to email me at virvoed - at - gmail - dot - com if you're interested in learning more.

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