unwind from the comfort of your own home, via our live zoom.us video conference. oasis online by waterbear planet ℠ is a self-guided soundscape + good vibes immersion. you'll have 20 minutes to rest, relax and de-stress. how you use the time is up to you — draw, journal, meditate, nap. let your mind wander. follow your inspiration. each person's experience will be totally unique. www.waterbearplanet.com/oasis (best viewed on computer) Learn more below. oasis online schedule*: 24 hours before your session, we will email details about how to join the call and prepare your space for oasis. 30 minute session first 5 minutes — orientation 20 minutes — soundscape + good vibes immersion (we'll be mixing sounds in real-time as you retreat into your respective worlds. there will be no direct instruction from us although we'll be available in the chat room if needed). last 5 minutes — closing data collection/online survey we encourage participants to answer a short online survey (via google form). not only will this help us make oasis the best possible experience for you in the future, it's also a valuable exercise to reflect upon and share your oasis experience. it is created in two parts, the first to be filled out just prior to your oasis experience, and the second after we sign off the call. *session times are in eastern daylight time — so double check your timezone conversion for the dates listed. in the u.s., we switch from standard to daylight savings time on march 11. requirements: - you are ideally at home or in a quiet, secluded space where you can fully relax - you have a solid internet connection, smart phone or computer, and a good sound system (we recommend headphones) - you agree to join the session on time. oasis is a live, real-time experience and will not be recorded - you agree to not record the sounds used in oasis online or use its name, likeness and content in any way - you are responsible for your own well-being at all times testimonials: "total bliss" “a sense of relief” "i don't want to leave my room, i feel so quiet and peaceful" "a very moving experience" "it was just nice to sit down and not have to do anything for a half hour, without any sense of guilt" our early adopter referral program: want to invite someone to oasis? have them email us at sharon@waterbearplanet.com (make sure they let us know you sent them). you'll receive a VIP ticket - free of charge - for each person who books with us. you may redeem your ticket(s) during any early adopter pilot group this week, or in the future. switching sessions & refunds: if you need to switch your reservation to another time (same week only), email sharon@waterbearplanet.com. please give us 24 hours notice. we'll do our best to accomodate you. refunds are not available for missed sessions and are only available for cancellation requests made up to 24 hours before your originally scheduled session. for example, if you booked a session at 2:30 pm on thursday, you'll have until 2:30 pm on wednesday to cancel. your refund may take up to a week to process through eventbrite. email sharon@waterbearplanet.com to request your refund. should we need to cancel your session, we'll refund your money or switch you into another session slot, in consultation with you. about waterbear planet: waterbear planet specializes in the subtleties, dynamics and artistry of wellness spaces — seen and unseen. we excel in honing the felt ambiance of environmental experiences, combining carefully chosen emotional and sensorial qualities to make magic. waterbear planet spaces ℠ are our signature offer. they’re profoundly nourishing spaces, recognizably so, gently catalyzing meaningful moments of personal well-being, unique to each and every individual. oasis is a waterbear planet space. www.waterbearplanet.com contact information sharon unis, founder & creative director sharon@waterbearplanet.com or +1 (646) 470-7852

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oasis online — early adopter pilot groups

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