Change the world
through socially conscious events.

We give you tools to start, grow, share, and sustain socially conscious initiatives. It's free to list your events and easy to receive contributions or ticket on Kinvite.

Low Fees & Fast Payouts

Kinvite has the lowest fees in the market.
We issue immediate payouts so you can use that money towards your upcoming events.

* 2% + 20c/ paid ticket; free events are free. standard payment processing fees and taxes apply

Customizable Ticketing & Unlimited Collaborators

Create multiple ticket options, add event memberships, collect contributions, and offer discounts for your attendees.
Add collaborators to help you organize.

Grow Your Community

We actively promote to a growing audience seeking to show up to events like yours.

We are creating for a future to uplift how we gather, and through doing so, seek to transform our world into a place of welcome and greater relationship; with each other and ourselves.