Our mission is to change the way we spend our time

We want more moments of purpose that help us feel something, learn something, connect to others, be open to something more, and inspire real change.

We get distracted and struggle to live up to our values or potential. The internet fills our time with a ton of noise that drowns out the moments that matter most.

We believe in shared moments that are life-affirming, and that better ourselves, and our communities. These moments can and should be great -- moments of togetherness that open our hearts and minds to what’s important to us.

Our work is to help the world discover these moments.

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Our Team

Jenn Louie
CEO & Founder

Jenn has a long history of business strategy with a Trust & Safety mindset. She was an active leader in Google and YouTube during their blossoming period in the mid-2000s, and built the Trust & Safety department at Meetup. Jenn is an outspoken community builder and connector of great minds.

Jesse Lee
Technical Cofounder

Jesse is a software engineer, technical activist, and avid writer. His talents were honed at Bloomberg and Citymaps, where he learned how to apply technology and design to solve problems of information access. He is an advocate for the use of science & technology to solve human problems such as clean water, open internet, and animal welfare.