Mindful She - A circle for the modern spiritual woman.


Mindful She is a women's circle that is all about connection, meditation and playfulness where spirituality doesn't have to be that serious.

Mindful She offers a safe, fun and spiritual space for the modern woman of NYC. Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. Hostess Freedom Rivera guides women to support each other, tap into their power and speak their truth. Join us and learn to declutter your mind and heart plus make new high vibe gfs.

Typical agenda includes :

  • Meditation
  • Connection
  • Playfulness/Various wellness modalities (every month Freedom brings known wellness instructors to offer different wellness modalities.
  • Topic of discussion
  • Circle Sharing

Learn to tap into your inner peace, power and divine guidance. The Universe Has Your Back and this circle is here to remind you of that.

What sisters are saying? "I really enjoyed attending the sister circle. I felt connected, heard, and supported by an incredible group of women. I learned a lot about myself and my ability to forgive the hurts within my life but most of all how to forgive myself." ~Mary

"The Mindful She circle is a like a little escape to a peaceful and mindful oasis within NYC! Freedom is a wonderful teacher, and she brings so much light & energy through guiding the circle." ~ Kelly

"I cried that day because I was so hurt inside. Something that Freedom said stuck with me, about letting go of the ego specially when you are in a relationship. Today I can say I am the happiest woman alive and I can't wait to see what is in store." A.P.

We look forward to have you in the circle.

Much light,

Freedom Founder and Radical Self-love coach at Mindful She