Show up for each other

Discover socially conscious events to strengthen our hearts and open our minds.

What's on Kinvite?

Events that transform the way we show up in the world.

We curate events that spark inspiration to participate in the world in new, meaningful ways. Anyone can create or share socially conscious experiences. It starts with you! With our app, you can create or discover events near you.

Brave Conversations

We share opportunities that welcome bold dialogue and diversity.

Human Values

We believe in like hearts and diverse minds. Conscious community building starts with shared values. Read More>>

Kinvite is in service to uplift the social consciousness of the world.

Our mission is to help the world sustain progress and betterment, by changing the way the world spends their time.

We help you build and connect to purpose driven, mindful communities by providing free ticketing and tools to connect creators and seekers of socially conscious experiences.